TR Interview: Katee Sackhoff, on Oculus, Marvel Rumors, Riddick and Singing

By Luke Y. Thompson in Gaming, Movies
Friday, April 4, 2014 at 10:00 am


LYT: What would be your dream role?

KS: Oh, god, so many. I don't know. So many. I'd love to do a musical - a movie musical - at some point. I'd love to do Broadway. I'd love to do an actual film musical at some point. That would be fun.

LYT: When people talk about you as an ideal choice for playing Ms. Marvel, is that a character that you're familiar with and are a fan of? Is that something that you would want to do?

KS: I'm definitely aware of Ms. Marvel - definitely a fan. But I'm also a fan of Harley Quinn, you know, so you can definitely - there's definitely a wide range of action movies, or these kinds of villains and heroes that I'm a fan of.

LYT: You also do voice-over work as well.

KS: Yeah.

LYT: Is that something you were drawn to originally, or is that something that came about because you became a genre star first?

KS: It came about because of that, because of genre work, for sure. But it's something that I enjoy doing. One of the reasons that I first originally did it is because I had done - I have nephews that are - well, now they are 14 and 12. But at the time, I had never really done anything that they could watch. So I really started getting into to cartoons and action and movies and television and also video games primarily so they could actually watch something that I did. Because they didn't understand what it meant to do what I do, so it was kind of fun to be able to do those things - Futurama and stuff like that - for them.


LYT: When you watch a movie like Oculus, does it have any power to scare you, or are you just like, "Oh, yeah, that was corn syrup"?

KS: It does scare me, yeah. I definitely jumped in the movie a few times. Probably not as much as the average viewer, just because I know what's coming, but definitely. I think that it still has the power to scare you.

LYT: The mirror eyes - was that purely post-production, or did you have contacts, maybe bright green contacts?

KS: Yeah, no - it was purely post. I did have contacts in for blood in my eyes, but we ultimately realized that I couldn't wear contacts. We had a really hard time getting those in my eyes. A REALLY hard time.

LYT: I feel you - I was a zombie once.

KS: Yeah. I've never had contacts or anything, and I've never worn them, ever. And they were the big ones, they were the size of my eye, because they have to go into the white, so they were massive contacts, and we couldn't get them on. We got them in one or two days, and it was really painful, actually.

LYT: Did they just try to splash corn syrup in your eyes as much as possible?

KS: Oh, god, no. No, at that point, it's all about - listen, you only get two. I'm not giving anyone one. It's never going to happen.

LYT: What can you tell us about the upcoming season of Longmire?

KS: More of the same. People really love the show, and I think it's kind of a nice mix of procedural and some serialization so that people understand who the characters are a bit. You know, we're only on episode two.

LYT: As far as future film projects, what's coming up for you?

KS: A few things. Nothing I can talk about yet, because there's no paperwork signed, but there's definitely a few things coming up. Definitely some action, possibly some singing, maybe some serial killer stuff. We'll see.

LYT: So the musical desire may come true a lot sooner rather than later?

KS: Maybe! Yeah, yeah, it's right around the corner, maybe, so we'll see.

LYT: Are there more serious talks about the next Riddick materializing, or is it just talk?

KS: As far as I know, no. As far as I know, it's literally at this point just that I know there probably will be another one, and the fact that I didn't die lends myself to potentially be in the next one. I think that's about as far as it goes. And I'm still friendly with Vin, so I didn't piss him off or anything.

LYT: [chuckles] Do people piss him off?

KS: Oh, god, no! No, no, I was being facetious. He's a hard person to upset. He's always smiling.


Oculus opens in theaters next Friday.

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