Weekend Hangover 4-28-14: 20 Stories You Might Have Missed

Monday, April 28, 2014 at 6:00 am

11. Hello Kitty, Bye Bye Sanity.

Hello Kitty is such an all-purpose brand that she has teamed with the likes of Kiss, Japanese pro-wrestling and Playboy. But allowing Avril Lavigne to do a song about her is maybe one step too far.

12. Neon Genesis...Convoy?


We don't really know what the Evangelion/Transformers crossover is going to be yet. But if all it is is a purple and green Optimus Prime, some will be sufficiently happy.

13. Mystery? Sigh and See it Here, Three Thousandfold.

As excited as many of you are getting...the fact that Joel Hodgson wants to resurrect Mystery Science Theater 3000 does not, in fact, mean that he actually will. But there's hope.

14. Crouching Penis, Hidden Lizard.

In case you wanted to know where Dr. Abraxas has been lately...

15. SpongeBob RealismPants.

You mean to say SpongeBob wasn't scientifically accurate already? Man, am I blindsided.

16. Die, Die My Darling.


Sometimes chance needs a helping hand. This one-sided die should do it.

17. Hover Crafting.

You could go see the late Paul Walker's mediocre parkour movie, or you could fund this alien game version on Kickstarter.

18. Bunker Down.

If Vladimir Putin isn't the majority shareholder in these, he should be.

19. What They Really Wanna Do Is Direct.

Even leopards aren't immune to the seduction of Hollywood.

20. Robot Dinosaur!

RAAAR! But cutely.

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