Weekend Hangover: Superhero Furries, Spider-Politician, Sharknado 2 and More

Monday, April 14, 2014 at 10:00 am


While I am certain - not - that most of you were either partying at Coachella or gettin' down to the MTV Movie Awards, many of your fellow readers were scaring up the usual mess o' stories that we didn't have room for last week. Compiled from the weekend thread with the help of Kyle LeClair, here are your weekend highlights of hilariousness.

Tipsters include: donnaryoko, Anyone00, SlyDante777, Dr.Gonzo82, Gallen_Dugall, Citrus_King, troi, andre_morello

-I knew Baz Luhrmann was attached to a kung fu movie. I did not realize it was THE Kung Fu movie.

-How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer basically tells you the whole story.

-Weird: Archie Comics will be killing off Archie. Weirder: Chris Cummins turned down an offer to write about it.

-An anime series based on Sega consoles transformed into hot girls. Are you ready to plug and play?

-Adventure Time to get Banana Guard spinoff comic. Nobody better slip up on this one.

-See, I believe a douchey teen with powers, rebelling against his father, would dress this way. More so than Joss Whedon's dorky blue sweater.

-The lost Darth Maul video game. Sadly, after the merger, it had to split.

-Chop chop, Jackie Chan.

-If a machine can learn the value of tying shoelaces, maybe we can too.

-Geek & Sundry wants to get rid of corporate funders for Tabletop, replace them all with you.

-The moon's gonna change color for a short period.

-Jem's production schedule is truly outrageous.

-How did Uwe Boll not direct this?

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