Weekend Hangover: Superhero Furries, Spider-Politician, Sharknado 2 and More

Monday, April 14, 2014 at 10:00 am

-All too quick Heroes of Cosplay season 2 trailer lasts just enough to let us know that it still has the people I like (Crabcat Industries) and the one I don't (Yaya Han).

-Salma Hayek to play a taco in a movie called Sausage Party. I suppose it's less on the nose than having her play a clam...

-Megan Fox would like to do a Sailor Moon remake, but every time she pitches it execs are all like, "Wait, what? Your eyes are up where? Ohhhh, gotcha."

-Annoying Monty Python fans take over Norway. They no longer have to pine for the fjords.

-Indian politician dresses as Spider-man, climbs walls. Supposedly he did it to get elected, but we know he was just avoiding Mr. Poo.

-Furry Force - the cartoon superhero team who become furries, lactate, enjoy bondage, and live in a giant Manicorn. Really, that's what it's about.

-Sharknado 2 is asking for more money, because that's clearly what we loved about the first one - its huge budget.

-Timecop will be getting a remake, and besides SlyDante777, I suspect most people are going, "Eh, it was nothing super-special the first time. Why not."

-Issue one of Rom: Spaceknight gets redrawn, each page by different artists, as a tribute/fundraiser for Bill Mantlo. And the toy remains un-rereleased.

-It's a beautiful light year in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a planet...can it be mine?

-NASA to plant a vegetable garden in space, because they want to hurry up and get to it while Bruce Dern is still alive.

-TransLego! GameBoy in Disguise!

-Superhero and other nerdy workouts includes one for Stormtroopers, which somehow is more than merely "Eat. Sleep. Get Shot. Repeat."

-Ready, Driver 1? Insert coin, start car. Like, your actual car.

-The real lord of the rings.

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