Why, MC, Eh? Village People Underwear and Nightwear Is Going to Be a Thing

By Luke Y. Thompson in Merchandise, Music
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 4:00 pm


Young man,

Something you never heard,

Will be fun, man,

If you love the absurd,

But it's dung, man,

To the folks in the herd who re-mem-ber what shit this was....

Head of global merchandising at ITVS GE, Trudi Hayward, said: "This range brilliantly brings together high-quality apparel and one of the most recognizable names in dance music.

"We're sure disco fans and lovers of fun clothing will be thrilled with the C&M Licensing Village People range."

Mike Coles, director, Coneen Group, added: "These colourful ranges will offer fans the chance to dance, sing or just sleep the night away in the company of one of the biggest disco sensations ever."

Are you thrilled?

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