WonderCon in 20 Photos: The Great, the Genius and the Disturbing

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6:00 am

11. Does This Con Have a "No-Touch" Policy?


If so, this guy is bound to get in trouble.

12. Enjoyage of the Dawn Headers.


As you may have already gathered, the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes presentation was a highlight, with Andy Serkis Instagramming the crowd, footage of Gary Oldman yelling for war (he would seem to be the movie's villain, though the actor insists his character's "heroic") and apes playing drunk to con stupid humans into letting go of their guns. Caesar talks more, but still in broken English. Director Matt Reeves asserted his strong fandom of the franchise, having grown up with all the toys and loved it the way some of us born later loved Star Wars. He sees the current franchise as still leading up to that first movie - which is arguably possible if you posit Abrams-Trek rules of time travel for Zira and Cornelius (that's my argument, not his).

13. Better Dredd Than Dead.


It takes a lot in this particular group, but indeed, Deadpool is the most anti-social.

14. Where Your Toy Collection Goes to Die.


15. Where Other Stuff Goes to Die.


16. Being Cool When They're Part of a Team.


In appropriately bipolar fashion, these Unikitty costumes were double-sided, Harvey Dent style - anyone looking at this group from the other side would have seen the positions of Angry Kitty and Sad Kitty reversed. I'd like to see somebody try to tackle Metalbeard.

17. Command Decisions.


Despite all our drones and wiretaps and everything, terrorists just brazenly recruit our children in public. Cobra were never very good at the whole secrecy thing.

18. This Oldman, He Played Two.


"Hi, Commissioner Gordon!" A fan greets Gary Oldman, who takes a moment to get the reference.

19. Well, Now That SHIELD's Gone...


They can't do much worse, right?

20. 18 Inches, Times Three.


There weren't many particularly good toy deals, but with most NECA 18-inchers going for upwards of $100, I managed nonetheless to score these three for around $66 each - a rare instance where the variant version (Black Supes, Downey-head IM) go for less than the classic models. Batman just had a beaten-up box, which I didn't notice at the time but don't really care about. I would also have preferred non-variants, but not to the tune of an extra $40.

And to the guy selling the 18" Armie Hammer Lone Ranger figure for $80: no-one is ever going to buy him but me, and I won't pay that. We can do this waiting game all year.

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