10 Characters That Should Appear on Arrow Season 3

By Matthew Catania in Comics, Daily Lists, TV
Friday, May 16, 2014 at 6:00 am


Not only has Arrow just finished its second season, the CW has picked it up for a third. Let that sink in a moment and think about what that sentence means. A show based on a comic book character that's essentially Batman cosplaying as Robin Hood not only made it past pilot stage, but is thriving. In addition, it's also more entertaining than the Agents of SHIELD TV show, and without a blockbuster movie franchise pedigree. I did not expect to live in this reality.

But as I alluded to earlier, Green Arrow comic books aren't exactly the deepest well to draw inspiration from. This show has already borrowed characters and inspiration from the much more popular and expansive Batman and Teen Titans franchises. So where can it go from here? I've considered ten possible DC guest stars (Green) Arrow can add to its third season quiver to keep the show on target.

10. Connor Hawke


Season 2 revealed Moira had paid off some nameless woman that Ollie impregnated. Was this foreshadowing Connor Hawke, the heir to the Emerald Archer's mantle? The problem with this theory is that the woman didn't resemble Sandra "Moonday" Hawke, his Black-Korean mother, though if the show does go down that route it can always reshoot the flashbacks with an actress of the right ethnicity just as they recast Sara Lance. Alternately, they can reveal that this wasn't Ollie's only time at the "No Rubber Raincoat Rodeo" and Moira's bank account breathed a hearty sigh of relief once he was presumed dead.

Whichever option they choose, eight-year-old Connor better be an archery prodigy by the time he shows up so he doesn't become an albatross around the show's neck. (It already has Laurel and Roy for that.) Young Connor can even have inherited vengeance playdates with the previously referenced Joe "The Ravager" Wilson.

9. Onomatopoeia


J. August Richards's season 1 hitman, Mr. Blank, was originally going to be Onomatopoeia, but the showrunners nixed that because they erroneously agreed with his co-creator Kevin Smith that the character's signature quirk of speaking sound effects would be too ridiculous in live action. That misses the point that this silly tic becomes supremely disturbing whilst he coldly murders folks. Additionally, Onomatopoeia's mask (created by Phil Hester) is one of those elegant designs that can be replicated well even on a CW budget; the white soundwaves on black hint at his name whilst also forming a bullseye.

The series could reinvent Onomatopoeia as a serial killer stalking The Glades to remind Oliver that it deserves top priority in saving since it's a crime-ridden slum even when there are no earthquake machines or Mirakuru thugs around. Some noise-cancelling gear to make his movements silent would boost his danger and creep factors. As much as they love ripping off Batman, however, it is crucial that they don't take any pages from Batman: The Widening Gyre. The onomatopoeia that describes what to do with that mini-series is "flush."

8. Blue Beetle


Jaime Reyes is cool, but his morphing alien exoskeleton would probably eat the entire season's budget. It makes more sense to use the Ted Kord version, since he and Kord Industries have already been namedropped a few times. As a lighthearted do-gooder without a grim/dark motive, Ted could be a refreshing contrast to Oliver (and Barry's Geoff Johns retconned origin). As bonus, this goofy tech-head could cure Felicity's heartbreak over being friendzoned by Oliver and Barry.

Of course, two non-powered CEOs fighting crime in colorful costumes with custom gear might feel a bit redundant. They'd probably just call him "The Beetle," too, as this show has a weird ban on including colors in codenames aside from supervillains. Instead, he could use his acumen with gadgetry to become the show's Q (James Bond's, not the one who alters the very fabric of reality just to troll Starfleet). Those boxing glove arrows aren't going to engineer themselves!

7. NKVDemon


David Nykl's Anatoli Knyazev surprisingly became one of the show's most endearing characters despite not having much in common with the KGBeast of the comics. Besides not looking like a leatherdaddy Ivan Drago with a machine gun hand, he's even managed to keep both his eyes and hands in a series that removes them like impacted wisdom teeth. That's not to say the KGBeast's intimidating qualities couldn't be grafted onto Knyazev's obscure protégé, the NKVDemon.

Since Deathstroke killed the head of Starling City's Bratva branch, it stands to reason that Knyazev would deploy NKVDemon to sort things out. The NKVDemon's indomitable swath of gangland destruction would test both his friendship with Knyazev and his oath to protect the city. It'd be fine if they directly lifted some of the more memorably grisly scenes from "Ten Nights of The Beast" since it seems pretty low on the list of Batman stories likely to adapted in a mainstream movie or cartoon. The Soviet quips NKVDemon elicits from Felicity will either be charmingly anachronistic or jingoistically current depending on the geopolitical climate when the episode airs.

6. Captain Boomerang


"Hey! You got your The Flash season 1 list mixed up with your Arrow season 3 list! I say good day to you, sir!" Wait! I can explain! Captain Boomerang doesn't feel like a good match for the superpowered Flash, but he'd make a worthy opponent for a human armed with his own signature projectiles. Since TV Deathstroke is an Aussie, they could even make him a former Australian Secret Intelligence Service teammate of his.

Besides that, Captain Boomerang was also a member of the Suicide Squad. His greed, cowardice, alcoholism, and casual racism could inject the necessary tension back into the team missing since Shrapnel went boom. And only after he proves a genuine threat to people who have to dodge boomerangs at regular action star speeds should he appear on a show where the hero can dodge boomerangs at supersonic speeds. Captain Boomerang should also avoid dressing like a '60s stewardess in either program.

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