Diamond Select's Kickass New "Underwater" Creature From the Black Lagoon Action Figure

By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies, Toys
Monday, May 19, 2014 at 12:15 pm


Diamond Select continues to impress me with probably the most improved action figure work of the year - the Star Trek diorama figures, the Tarantino stuff that's coming and the Jay and Silent Bob figures are all reminiscent of the glory days of McFarlane and other companies doing just whatever the hell they wanted to do in figure form. And now they've done a Creature From the Black Lagoon that can be posed in a swimming position that doesn't look stupid.

The Creature's been done as a toy a bazillion times - but the lighting, the way the base looks to be swaying with the tide, and the fact that the figure is fully removable and posaeable separately...all indicate that this may be the best figure of him ever made. Until they figure out a way to do one with a "looking at black and white through red and blue 3-D glasses" color scheme (and yes, I do know it was originally released in polarized 3-D).

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