Mattel Announces Figure-Scaled Arkham Knight $85 Comic-Con Exclusive

By Luke Y. Thompson in Comics, Toys, Video Games
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 10:00 am


In other bad news, it's for the new 4" scale line that's really kinda meh so far. The Batmobile itself looks pretty cool, though, and comes with sound effects. It's just...why? I'm guessing Mattel must have tried to get it to retail, nobody bit, and they think maybe it'll sell as a rare hot exclusive. Well, while I can see how G.I. Joe fans might buy it as a casual purchase in a store for their favorite figures to commandeer, the notion that people will wait in line to pay $85 - when there'll almost certainly be more reasonable Batfleck-mobile toys next year - stretches credibility even further than the notion of Henry Cavill effectively hiding his super-suit under Clark Kent duds.

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