NECA Comic-Con Exclusive: B/W Batman and Joker "Scalers" Figures

By Luke Y. Thompson in Comics, Toys
Friday, May 23, 2014 at 3:42 pm


I'm not the biggest fan of little clip-on figures like these, but damned if this Batman set isn't hilarious. Joker looks like a bratty little kid who won't go to bed, with Bruce as the pissed-off dad going, "I'm the goddamn parent!"

NECA's also doing an Iron Man/Spider-Man set in color, but it's pretty generic next to these guys, maybe because it's two guys in full facemasks.

As a bonus, the Scalers figures are cross-license, so you can actually reenact a super-cutesified version of Batman: Dead End with similarly styled Aliens and Predators. Not that you would. Because you're a serious person and stuff. Right?

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