Oh Dear Lord...Rush Limbaugh Wrote a Kids Book Starring Himself as a Time Traveler

By Luke Y. Thompson in Books
Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 4:10 pm


Heaven help me...I know it's impossible to write about Rush without being in any way political, but I like to think that if, say, Bill Maher did something this nutty, I'd write about it too. This is Stephen Colbert-level parody becoming real. I don't think I even need to add commentary once I give you a taste of the official synopsis on Amazon:


Okay, okay, my name's really Rusty--but my friends call me Rush. Rush Revere. Because I've always been the #1 fan of the coolest colonial dude ever, Paul Revere. Talk about a rock star--this guy wanted to protect young America so badly, he rode through those bumpy, cobblestone-y streets shouting "the British are coming!" On a horse. Top of his lungs. Wind blowing, rain streaming...

Well, you get the picture. But what if you could get the real picture--by actually going back in time and seeing with your own eyes how our great country came to be? Meeting the people who made it all happen--people like you and me?

Hold on to your pointy triangle hats, because you can--with me, Rush Revere, seemingly ordinary substitute history teacher, as your tour guide across time! "How?" you ask? Well, there's this portal. And a horse. My talking horse named Liberty. And--well, just trust me, I'll get us there.

Okay, so to recap: Rush Limbaugh has a best friend who looks exactly like him, has almost the same name, and owns a talking horse. And he can time travel.

I don't like Rush at all - but I actually think I'd be willing to help Kickstart a movie version. Unless we can convince Kirk Cameron to fund and star in it, which would be even better.

h/t Jezebel

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