Overnight/Weekend Open Thread: Where the Star Wars Boys Aren't

Friday, May 2, 2014 at 6:29 pm


Come Sunday, I'll have a separate thread for "May the 4th Be With You" reveals, which as of now should include at least one new Star Wars Black Series figure and a full trailer for Star Wars Rebels. Team Unicorn's tribute - the third in their series of fake cologne ads/lightsaber burlesque shorts - arrived early. I don't know if it's exactly the kind of female empowerment that detractors of the recent casting were looking for, but it sure doesn't hurt to watch.

A few more desk-clearing items before we pack it in for the week...

-If Lego: The Hobbit were a first-person game.

-Green Acres to be a movie, and not just a story about the Hulk being kicked in the nuts constantly.

-Game of Thrones Christmas stocking. Because eventually, winter is coming.

-How The Lego Movie should have ended, animated in Lego.

-Troma was asking $85 for an action figure of Surfing Hitler, but I think they're sold out now. Coincidentally, $85 is what I imagine the budget for Surf Nazis Must Die actually was.

Han ALWAYS fires first!

-Once again, Tim Blake Nelson gets cast as a guy who probably won't be the villain in the sequel, no matter what the script seems to say...

-SyFy is adapting Frank Miller's Ronin. Can't imagine they have the budget to do so correctly.

-Satanists have a statue of Baphomet ready to go for the first courthouse that approves new religious statues on public land.

-David Goyer is writing a Fantastic Voyage remake. It should be about repairing Zod's broken neck at the molecular level.

-Harry Potter vs. Star Wars gets violent.

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