Topless Toy Chest: Transformers: Age of Extinction Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Slug and Drift

By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies, Toys
Friday, May 9, 2014 at 3:30 pm

The Deluxes are less likely to be controversial. First up we have Drift, a samurai robot who used to be a Decepticon but switched sides, probably when he realized he was a car rather than a plane.


Drift is a bit of a shellformer, but the obligatory side panels look a bit more like samurai armor on him than most.


Flip up the head, tuck the arms, rotate the feet and you're pretty much done - also, you can stow his two long swords, though he has two short ones as well.

Look closely and you'll basically see his body under the car.


Now, the last Deluxe Transformer Hasbro had sent me a while back was a white car from the Prime cartoon, and I could never transform that sumbitch, because his joints were loose and his limbs kept falling off. Drift is tight, and snaps together into his drift car mode. As a robot, his ankles are at an angle so you can't really balance him on one foot like I was hoping. You can get him in some expressive action poses, though.

Slug, or as Julia calls him, Matilda, was very quickly made the recipient of a little hat.


I expected the Dinobots to be challenging since they don't have to look like actual dinosaurs, but robotic, exposed-panel approximations. I was surprised how easy it was to figure them out.


Slug is a weird combo of styracosaurus and stegosaurus, and I'm guessing the purple isn't film-accurate. He is also an Autobot; it seems as though there are no Decepticons at all in the first wave.


Slug's two swords can be stowed in dino mode, but in very strange places.


Unlike the Leaders and Voyagers, this scale is pretty consistent with prior versions. They're good basic bots.


Jillian had better luck with Drift, though Julia absolutely refused to have the dinosaurs be anything but dinosaurs.



I feel like I want a bigger Grimlock, and while this Optimus isn't maybe up to the previous versions, I'm glad to have him. But then, I like chrome. Many of you seem not to.


To put it in Sheik terms, these figures are the real but they know shooting-wise the ROTF toys beat the fuck out of them any day.


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