6 DC Characters Jason Momoa Should Be Playing Instead of Aquaman

By Matthew Nando Kelly in Daily Lists
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 6:00 am

3. Doomsday


Alright, so do you remember that article from earlier that outed Martian Manhunter as a possible role? Remember how it had another role in mind? That other role was Doomsday. Fans of Superman know Doomsday from that thing that they have been trying desperately to forget about for twenty two years. He was brought in as the antagonist in the biggest publicity stunt in comic book history. In the Death of Superman series, he killed Supes by punching him really, really hard. It was awful. Doomsday could, however, be a good foil for Superman in an upcoming movie. While it might not make sense to put him in this upcoming movie, he would be a sensible villain in the Man of Steel sequel so why not tease him here?

Right off the bat, no shirt. He has never ever worn one by choice. Doomsday is a giant, insanely muscular creature. He was born and bred specifically to be an unstoppable killing machine. If you want to get a big giant guy in Hollywood, you don't have many options. There are pro-wrestlers, but Batista has that Marvel tag on him. The Rock is likely also involved with the movie so may be playing Doomsday already. But if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is already playing someone like Shazam or Black Adam (since he said he would seven years ago), the Doomsday spot may still be open. From what we've seen fromGame of Thrones, Momoa can play a rage-filled killing machine like a champion. His physique and acting abilities can even make the character more multi-dimensional for the big screen. (If they wantedThey could also just spray paint him silver and throw Hulk Hands on him, like in this video). It's up to them.

2. Darkseid


This would be a longshot but let's look at the facts. The conflict with Darkseid is clearly what the DC movie universe is building to. The Justice League cartoon did a really good job setting up Darkseid as the ultimate evil in the DC Universe. While he might not fight them for a while, it is really hard to imagine that the first Justice League movie won't end with at least a similar-feeling, post-credits scene ending with Darkseid turning and smiling. It maps so well from Marvel to DC that Desaad can even have most of the lines that the quivering Chitauri leader had and it would work just fine. Someone will have to play him and DC missed their opportunity with Brolin, so why not have him look a little younger?

Obviously there are some things standing between Jason Momoa and the role of Darkseid. The big one is the shirt. Darkseid always wears one. It's like he's obsessed with them. On a positive note, he isn't a big fan of sleeves, so you still get full access to the gun show. The other big negative is that Darkseid would be, like Thanos, mostly CGI so they could get ANY actor to play him. Next year we could talk about how crazy it is that Robin Williams is going to be the ruler of Apokolips. Who knows? Although I would say that the smart money is on the next and last possible character.

1. Vandal Savage


I know, right? I am not sure that this hasn't been the plan all along. Hell, Jason and the good folks over at Warner Brothers were lying about him not being Aquaman. So why not lie a little further to throw everyone off of the truth so that they can do something truly brilliant? I have learned to not believe a thing a studio says about the casting and content of the movie until I am seeing it. For another year or so, how about we all live in a fantasy world where this if how the casting ultimately went down?

Vandal Savage is one of a million different aliases adopted by a super-powered caveman. Thousands of years ago, Vandal was hit with radiation from a meteor that gave him the ability to live forever. His mind was also altered so that he was able to evolve faster and learn at a rate that far outpaced his fellow cavemen. Eventually he took over and ruled all of humanity. He existed throughout history and ruled with aliases like Alexander the Great, Cheops, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Blackbeard, and...wait for it...Cain. That's right. Vandal Savage was the original murderer. In the comics he has proven a formidable foe for not only Superman but the entire League. In the animated series, he went back in time to win World War II. In a recent cartoon movie, he assembled the Legion of Doom and attempted to destroy humanity with a solar flare. He could be a great character to unite the League before sending them to fight bigger foes like Brainiac or Darkseid. And the best part is, he looks just like Jason Momoa.

I am not kidding here. Forget about shirts and CGI. Jason Momoa could be Vandal Savage for Halloween by dressing like Sebastian Shaw and trying his hair into a ponytail. It just really works. Savage is also formidably strong. You wouldn't be wasting Momoa's physique. His experience as Drogo and Conan would really add to the character of an essentially immortal caveman.

DC, it is never too late to admit you have made a mistake. Take everything back to square one. Call Ryan Gosling right now. Aquaman is supposed to be the king of a highly advanced underwater civilization. His barrier of entry, much like Thor, is our land dwelling customs. He is literally a fish out of water. That kind of subtlety is hard. Not knocking Momoa, but Justice League doesn't have to treat Aquaman like just another barbarian bad-ass. If you don't make these changes, DC, the character of Aquaman will be lost to a generation of young fans and Justice League movie will be a colossal disappointment to legions of older fans who have been waiting for this all of their lives. The very foundation of comic book nerd society will crumble. Or it might not. We've been wrong before.

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