Those Three Weeks Everyone in Austin Was Talking About Nutty, the Kitten with Testicles for Legs

By Keith Plocek in Comics
Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 9:00 am

You're now a grown man...who created a comic strip about a kitten with testicles for legs. What's that like?

Whoah there, who's calling me a grown man?? Seriously, I do have a real job with other adults and a mortgage and all that. I didn't give my boss copies of Nutty when I interviewed for my job, no, but I am certainly not ashamed of it. There are things to regret in life, but drawing balls is not one of them. I have young kids, and we draw all the time, and the drawings get pretty goofy but I am keeping genitals on the back burner for now. We want our kids to be engaged with the world, and try stuff, and fail, and succeed. Nutty was something I tried, and in some ways it failed and in some ways it succeeded. If my work colleagues asked me about it I would show them the strip and laugh. I would never say, "oh I was crazy then, but now..." That is chickenshit. Balls are still funny, unless you are some kind of dullard. As you get old you realize all the cheesy stuff old people say about living life is pretty much true. Fucking wisdom, fuck you.

Now that the internet has made us all a lot easier to find, has anyone else tracked you down?

My name is out there on Twitter and my blog, neither of which ever gets updated. But you are the first person to actually pursue Nutty. Do you have a fetish? You like balls?

What are you doing now?

I am one of the legion of technology professionals who will be the first to die in the coming Energy Wars. It's a fate I brought upon myself, following the path of least resistance. I often spend evenings reminiscing about past glories and wondering why I didn't join the United States Marine Corps when I had the chance.

Any parting words?

OK, I am about to really show my age here. There was a controversy in 1997 because people of all stripes shared The Daily Texan, it was a common thread in a community of 50,000 people. In 2014 Nutty would only be seen by an audience who wants to see it on their fucking phone. I just read that The Daily Texan is going out of print now, and I believe it is because people can flee into their own echo chambers so easily.

I drew the strips with a pencil and a sharpie on a sketch pad, and the Texan photographed them and did manual paste-up for printing. If you google for the comic, you won't find any images of the actual strip. Just conversations about the strip. I like it that way. People experienced Nutty in 1997 in Austin, Texas. Either you were there or you weren't. If I ever get around to posting the old strips on the internet, it will be to serve those memories.

And quite frankly, if you weren't there and you never witnessed my genius, you are a fucking loser and you should kill yourself.

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