7 Ways Sony's E3 Press Event Blew Microsoft's Away

By Peter Paras in Daily Lists, Video Games
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 6:00 am

5. Oh Yeah, Sony Makes Other Stuff Too. MS Doesn't.

As mentioned earlier, Sony is an appliance company, so that means they have a vested interest in getting customers to buy more Sony stuff. Sure, it's a bottom-line mentality, but frankly, I like seeing new devices. Even an Apple TV rip-off like PlayStation TV (priced at $99) gets my brain thinking about how I can use it. I was a little disappointed that no real new info was given about their much-touted virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, but I am eager to try it out today once the convention doors open. Microsoft has quite simply nothing to show past the Kinect peripheral. A peripheral that is absent from the newly priced $399 Xbox One model.

On the other end, Sony debuts the new glacier white PS4 that comes with a copy of Destiny in September and I'm like this meme...

Preach, Fry!

6. Halo TV Series Might Not Suck, but Powers Might Be Incredible.

Like Netflix and Hulu, Microsoft and Sony want piece of the binge-watching crowd. A Halo series was somewhat tried a few years back, but those were really just webisodes. This new iteration will be on Showtime as well as Xbox One. I'm all for it. Hope it's good, but man, a television adaption of the comic Powers?! Heck yes.


7. Sony Had Great Surprises Like GTA V! Microsoft had Crackdown.


Rockstar Games rarely show up to the E3 in any capacity so seeing the PS4 version of their megahit GTA V was pretty sweet. Even sweeter was the 2014 release window. To be fair, Xbox One will also be getting GTA V, but they couldn't announce at the show. Their big closer was Crackdown. 'Nuff said, except to add that I moved on with Borderlands 2.

Where I do a 180: Impressions of the press events where I think Microsoft did it better...

Dead Rising 3 DLC being available today for free is way better than Sony's decision to put up new game Entwined and tell us to pay 9.99 for it.

Lots of PSN indie games look good, but none had the wow factor of LIVE's Play Dead's follow-up to Limbo, Inside.

Like I said, a Halo TV series could be lame, but oh look, a Ratchet & Clank movie! Said no-one ever.

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