Contact in the Desert: Luke's Mother-in-Law Reports From the UFO Show

By Luke Y. Thompson in Books, Miscellaneous, Tech
Monday, August 11, 2014 at 8:00 am


When we heard that our weekly advice columnist and favorite ex-cop/crazy cat lady was volunteering at a convention of UFO-buffs, we couldn't resist asking her to send in her thoughts, and pictures. People paid big money to get in, but now you can hear one person's account for free.


Hello all. I made it through the first day of Contact in the Desert. The event runs until Monday, but I only volunteered for Friday and Saturday. It was HOT, and I feel so sorry for the people who came who were not used to the heat. There is no shade at the event and some of the speakers were in the amphitheater. One of the big speakers, Erich Von Daniken, was moved from a room to the wide outdoors for this first talk. The poor man is in his late 70s and was melting. I have attached a photo of him on the outside stage. Sorry the pics are not very good as I was near the rear for the morning welcome. and then for the inside ones the lighting was not the greatest and speakers tend to move around a bit.


The next picture that I sent is is of 2 hand made pyramids. There are only a small handful of vendors at the event. Those who are there are mostly selling rocks, beads, incense and sage. Could not find a darn patch, T-shirt, bumper sticker etc to buy. The pyramids were some of the best I found and the larger one is about $200, but beautiful. They are made by At another booth for $20 I did seen a plastic alien strung with beads to make a necklace. It just does not go with my wardrobe. I was hoping a Contact in the Desert collector pin, patch, bumper sticker etc. Contact merch was not to be found. They are missing the boat on this source of revenue.


Anyway I got to see 3 more speakers after the morning welcome. The first was Robert Perala (pic white shirt, vest and cap). His talk was "Extraterrestrials and the Divine Intelligence". I think Mr. Perala was my favorite speaker of the day. He was very lively and told funny stories. He told of when he was a boy he was taken by aliens, when he finally decided to make his story well known it was at a Mufon convention and he told to the story by chance to William Shatner. He said, "Can you imagine, I told Captain Kirk!" That got a good laugh from the group. He also spoke on time jumpers who are aliens and they can be shapeshifters, blue aliens and also reptilians. They come to Earth at various points of time all through history. For more information he can be reached at The Perala Report.


The next speaker of the day was Nick Redfern from England. (red shirt). He spoke on UK crop circles, Stonehenge, a UFO crash at White Sands missile range where alien scrolls were found. Another interesting topic was military flights over Mt. Ararat and photos of the Ark. We also learned about Acoustic Levitation , which is how sound waves can move objects; this fit into the theory on how the pyramids and other large stone monuments were constructed. Another interesting topic that he touched on was Project Blue Beam which has to do with the New World Order and to have us given up more of our rights than we are currently having to do. Mr Redfern can be reached at


Last but not least was Marshall Klarfeld. (pic with most of monitor) This was a special workshop and the ticket was an additional $25 beyond the event fee. This was to be a 2-hour workshop which lasted a bit over an hour. A good perk on this is that he is sending us one of his ebooks. This workshop was Gilgamesh 10. This was part film pitch - he is trying to get 3 movies made on the subject and has contacted Steven Spielberg. His passion is the history of the Anunnaki and ancient history of alien contact with Earth, primarily Gilgamesh and the Sumerians. He also touched on how there were the homo erectus then aliens came to Earth and their DNA was mixed to produce the homo sapiens and ever since we have made leaps and bounds in evolution and technology. The Anunnaki's planet is in our solar system and they come back to Earth to provide progress. A good point that he made was that we all stem from this beginning and that Earth is killing itself over the concept of my God is better then your God, and the only way to save the Earth is to get over this issue.


Well folks, that was today's adventure. Tomorrow morning I will be at the parking lot from 6:30-9:30 am and then working the George Noory lunch.

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