New TR T-Shirt and New Motto

By Luke Y. Thompson in Merchandise
Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 5:30 pm

"Unofficial Sponsor of Your Inner Childishness"

I think it sums up our content and tone - we can be petty like little brats, and we can be unabashedly loving like kids. And the parts of the nerd-sphere the site has always liked most - comics, toys, gadgets, sci-fi movies, video games, etc. - are in large part holdovers from childhood that have grown up with us. Even the way we look at porn parodies and slash fiction is from an amused/bemused perspective rather than discussing them as actual marital aids.

There's a touch of self-deprecation to it, but not too much - I think it acknowledges and embraces that. And even though my spin is on it, y2jbrak gets...something. I haven't figured out what yet.

If old readers wish to come back and argue, they are more than welcome. I love the pageviews.

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