Robotic Gaming Monthly - PAX, Gamescom, and Sad Signs O' The Times

By Kyle LeClair in Video Games
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 6:00 am

Well, time for the usual roundup of video game trailers...okay, a little more unusual this time around. Yes, now we've finally gotten to our Gamescom and PAX Prime 2014 coverage! And trust me, there was a lot to work with between both events and any regular game trailers that came in between. So yes, we are actually going to have three pages of trailers here, one for Gamescom, one for Pax, and one for any misc. stuff. And yes, since this is going up in place of a list, I may as well present these like lists anyway! Let's get going...

The Ten Most Interesting Games From Gamescom 2014

Now, keep in mind that since we already covered Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid V, both of those are disqualified from this this particular list. I mean, there was also the revelation that Metal Gear Solid V would let you weaponize horse poop, which is always a plus, but believe it or not, there were more interesting things to offer than just doodies. So with that in mind, in no particular order...


...So I think it might be safe to say that Tequila Works' PS4-exclusive adventure about a boy trying to escape a mysterious island is coming together nicely and looking quite gorgeous. Besides, I think it's safe to say that any game you can look at and make immediate positive comparisons to Ico sure as hell has a ton of promise.

The Tomorrow Children

Another PS4 exclusive, described by the developers as being a "surreal Marxism simulator" and...well, honestly, summing up the premise beyond that is going to take another two paragraphs and possibly still leave you scratching your head, so probably best to look it up yourselves. You sure as hell can't say it doesn't look interesting, though. Besides, any game that basically has you recreating Knowhere shall definitely earn a plus in our book.

Quantum Break

Moving to an Xbox One exclusive, we finally get to see the elusive Quantum Break in action. And while some may scoff at the game and label it as just another generic cover-based third-person shooter, I say screw it, the game and its time manipulation mechanics still look pretty damn fun, and that's all I need. Plus, I'm curious as to whether or not they can actually pull of the TV show tie-in the player's choices affects (and also, our header artist threatened to draw cocks on everybody if we didn't include this, since he's a fan of Remedy's games. We good now?).


Another Xbox One exclusive, this one being what I can only describe as a version of Rollercoaster Tycoon where you are now actually encouraged to build a half-finished coaster that sends your patrons flying into a building to potential doom. Besides, nothing says "Fun for the whole family!" than measuring success in screams.


Yes, I know I mentioned Below before in my E3 coverage, but I honestly wasn't certain if the trailer there really did the game justice. But this? Ahhh, now thisis how you show off Capybara's incredible roguelike. I honestly cannot wait to get my ass kicked my all the terrors this descent has to offer...

Until Dawn

A PS4-exclusive horror game that's a giant ode to slasher films being made with the help of the guy behind You're Next, one of the best and freshest takes on slasher films in recent years? I think it's safe to say I'm down with that. Hell, even if it's just The Cabin in the Woods: The Game, anything contributing towards the trend of bringing actual horror back to horror games is always welcome.


Rayman creator Michel Ansel debuted his new studio's latest work, and boy, was it impressive indeed. An open-world survival game where you can be any living creature you want to be? Ambitious, to say the least. And maybe, just maybe, this will finally give us the opportunity to have the manicorn simulator we always wanted.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

So this year's earlier Murdered: Soul Suspect ended up being quite the disappointment for me, but I still think the concept of an open-world supernatural murder mystery has the potential to make for a terrific game. And Ethan Carter appears to have that potential, so here's hoping it makes the most of it when it comes out next month for Round 2...


The man behind the indie darling hit Thomas Was Alone strikes again with his homage to the original Metal Gear Solid...just incredibly more vibrant, and pitched as a modern-day take on the story of Robin Hood as well. You know, typical par for the course in indie gaming by this point. Looks awesome, needless to say.

Life Is Strange

So remember Dontnod, the developers behind last year's Remember Me, the sci-fi game with a lot of great concepts that sadly underperformed? Well, time for a second chance with an episodic adventure game where the protagonist has the power to rewind time and re-do any choices she makes if anything goes wrong...even if it leads to something more wrong down the road. And as a fan of Heavy Rain, I'm all for games that play like it.

So that does it for Gamescom's best (at least until we get to more general trailers later), so now on to this month's other big gaming event! On to PAX Prime...

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