Comic-Con 2015: Everything You Wanted to Know About the TV Panels But Were Afraid to Ask

Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 5:00 am


In recent years, the San Diego Comic Con has seemed to be less about the comics, and more about anything that could make money. Toys, movies, and television programs all seem to dominate the largest nerd gathering of the year.

That being said, there's a lot to be excited about, especially for fans of genre television. The networks have figured out that pandering to us geeks is a wise and potentially lucrative decision, and the SDCC schedule is chock full of events highlighting the small screen. Here are the must see television events of this year's Comic Con.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 6:30 am


We're a week out from San Diego Comic Con, and everybody and their mother is pushing out enormous comic news. Conveniently timed, too, since DC is a month past their post-Convergence launches, so following the latest happenings in comic books right now is like trying to follow election news the week of Halloween. In that spirit, we've got a SPECIAL DOUBLE-SIZED NEW COMIC BOOK DAY COLUMN WOOHOO! *throws confetti at monitor*. As soon as I shake all this glitter out of my keyboard, we'll start with an interview with Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang about Batman Beyond, their ongoing series about Tim Drake in the now-hard-canon future of the DCU. Then we'll get to some reviews, because there were some awesome comics out this week. Join us below the fold for the column equivalent of a summer BBQ!

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The 7 Types of Comic Book Panels at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (and Which Ones to See)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 5:00 am


San Diego Comic Con is about a week away, and it is packed full of incredible programming. Everyone is incredibly excited about the biggest geek event of the year, and with so many great comic book-related panels, it's hard to pick through what's worth your time and what's superfluous fluff. Fortunately, that's what we at TR are here for.

Comic panels tend to fall into several broad categories, and not everyone will be interested in every type. We've broken them down into 7 different kinds of comic panels you'll see at SDCC, and picked out the best from each one. Take a look!

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7 Things We Learned About 8House: Arclight From Brandon Graham

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 5:00 am


Brandon Graham is one of the most interesting people working in comics right now. He started out writing underground porn comics for alt-comix and American manga publishers, and from there built his profile through creator-owned work until he spearheaded the relaunch of Rob Liefeld's Prophet as a Heavy Metal-style sci-fi series. The critical and sales acclaim he won headlining Prophet helped him convince Image to start a line of books with some of his favorite creators called 8House, the first of which, 8House: Arclight, launches on July 1st. We had a chance to talk with Brandon via email about Arclight, editing his own line of books, working with his significant other and the pundamentals of comic writing.

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7 Awesome Things We Saw and Heard at the Saturn Awards

Monday, June 29, 2015 at 5:00 am

Liz Ohanesian
The Saturn Awards celebrated genre entertainment on June 25 in Los Angeles.
James Gunn, Richard Armitage and Melissa McBride were amongst stars of genre entertainment who were honored Thursday night at the 41st annual Saturn Awards. Essentially a Golden Globes for nerds, the event spotlights television and film of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror varieties.

The full list of winners is available online, but, to summarize, Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy were the favorites amongst the film nominees, while Hannibal, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Flash secured a good share of TV awards.

Judging from the crowd of autograph-hunters outside the venue late in the night, it was a good place to get a hold of your favorite cult entertainment stars from Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show) to Dawn Wells (Gilligan's Island). Cosplayers, most of whom were dressed in unusual variations of popular characters, were on hand for photo-ops. Read more on who we saw and what we heard at the event.

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9 Possible Re-Definitions of the Word "Nerd" for the Modern Age

Friday, June 26, 2015 at 5:00 am


I'm perhaps the 10,000th person to observe this, but it bears repeating: The definition of "nerd" has, in the last 20 years, changed dramatically, perhaps even losing its meaning altogether.

I went to high school in the mid 1990s. At that time, my interests earned me scorn from most people. I enjoyed betting together with friends to play Dungeons & Dragons at lunch, had extensive conversations about Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I voraciously read superhero comics. I was a teenager, but I was still eager to watch Saturday morning cartoon shows. I was heavily involved in my school drama program. I played the flute. My favorite records were Broadway showtunes, "Weird Al" Yankovic albums, and anything that was played on The Dr. Demento Show. In addition to all this, I was a noisy, awkward, chubby weirdo. I doodled a lot and made bad jokes to anyone who would listen. I was a virgin. I was, by the parlance of the time, a nerd.

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8 Spider-Mannerisms Peter Parker Must Carry Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 5:00 am


Well, the wait is finally over, as it was announced this week that Tom Holland will play our newest friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. We've had a couple of bad Spidey films, a couple of great ones and one that sits squarely in the middle, depending on whom you ask. What we have not had, however, is a Spider-Man that totally reflects the many facets of Peter Parker's storied publication history. Raimi got the core of the character and Webb added some nice nuances, but we're going to need to dig a little deeper to get the web-slinger we truly deserve.

In honor of his namesake's eight limbs, here are eight mannerisms or character traits Peter Parker must bring with him on the precarious - and hopefully successful - leap to the MCU.

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In Memoriam: The 10 Greatest Sci-fi and Fantasy Scores of James Horner

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 5:00 am

James Horner Film Music

As an ├╝ber band geek, I had quite the obsession with the music of film, particularly that of science fiction and fantasy films. The plan was that I would study music education in college, but my heart was in performing, and I dreamed of being a studio musician, recording scores to television and movies. It was the music of composers like John Williams, Michael Kamen and others that inspired me, but as a brass player, it was the music of James Horner that drove me to want to play professionally.

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The 9 Greatest Years in the Life of Studio Ghibli

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 5:00 am


For all of the admittedly deserved praise Pixar has received for their stellar work on Inside Out (incidentally coming on the heels of Spirited Away's long-awaited Blu-ray release), we thought it was pertinent to delve into the other truly great animation power in the world. Where Disney and Pixar have long dominated the West, Studio Ghibli is undoubtedly held up as the pinnacle of eastern animation - at least when it comes to breaking out into the Western world with stories that don't include bodacious and anatomically impossible heroines and colorful heroes.

With the recent limited release of the twentieth - and possibly final - Studio Ghibli film When Marnie Was There and renowned director and animator Hayao Miyazaki's stated intention to retire, there is no better time than now to take a look back at some of the most pivotal years in the storied history of this unique and ambitious creator-controlled art house.

Helping me along this journey into Studio Ghibli's past (re: bolstering or undoing my ramblings) are renowned anime experts and the authors of Studio Ghibli: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, Michelle Le Blanc and Colin Odell.

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The 30 Best Games of E3 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015 at 8:00 am

[Bryce Abood contributed to this article]

Artwork by Citrus King

Well, yet another E3 has ended. The exhibits are being taken down, the masses are done celebrating their annual gaming binge, and the tears of Nintendo fans are still being mopped up. And of course, the games media now has to compile all of their thoughts and let the world know what the highlights of the whole shebang were. So with Bryce and I having been immersed in constant blasts of hype for the past 72-plus hours with as little sleep or nourishment as humanly possible and hopped up on grossly irresponsible amounts of caffeine, now seems like the perfect time to share our thoughts on the best games from this year's E3! You've seen our initial thoughts on what was shown. Now come on in and let's see some of the best games we uncovered throughout the whole thing!

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