EXCLUSIVE IN-PACKAGE REVEAL: NECA's Pacific Rim Chibis for Comic-Con

Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 9:00 am

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Oh, happy day! After many years of funneling large chunks of my money to NECA in exchange for little (and not-so-little) plastic people and creatures who silently stare and judge me here in the TR-cave, I get to reveal one of their Comic-Con exclusives in the package.

The figures have been shown, but this is the first look at the final window-boxed product. These chibis, for those who don't remember, are the toys seen within the movie itself; the mini-kaijus and jaegers played with by children, much as the World War II kids had green army men.

Keep reading for more pics and the official description...

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Robert Kirkman Will Write One of the Transformers Movies

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 3:31 pm


The Walking Dead creator is one of several writers coming onboard Akiva Goldsman's expansion of the Bayformers movie universe, and will write either a sequel or a spin-off, which we can only hope will feature zombie Shia LaBeouf getting shot in the head by a Predacon played by Norman Reedus.

Other writers recruited to the shared universe include Incredible Hulk movie scribe Zak Penn, Iron Man and Punisher: War Zone team Art Marcum & Matt Holloway, and Jeff Pinkner (one of four credited writers on Amazing Spider-Man 2). In other words, "a bunch of people who've written Marvel stuff that we want to copy because we're doing that thing that they do, a shared something-or-other," and "That Walking Dead guy whose success we'd like to replicate."

I admit Kirkman's an interesting choice - but even speaking as one who likes some of the Transformers movies, I'm well aware the writing is almost totally irrelevant. Maybe he'll at least make the inevitable robot dick jokes actually funny.

Comic-Con Exclusive Dark Knight Returns Batman vs. Mutant Leader Figure Set by Mezco

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 10:17 am


Assuming everyone isn't so burned out on Frank Miller that they retroactively hate his earlier greatness too, this could be the hot ticket in summer con exclusives. Mezco's 1/12 scale cloth-costumed Dark Knight figure was a hot enough ticket already, and their announcement of the first-ever Mutant Leader at Toy Fair a big deal. Now we get a box set of both with exclusive battle deco, alternate parts, torn Batsuit and a polystone base. At $150 it's not cheap, but that's still only half a Hot Toys or Sideshow figure, and it's guaranteed to look cooler than whatever pale imitation of this scene Zack Snyder puts onscreen.

As with other Mezco Comic-Con exclusives, there are extras available to preorder online directly, starting tomorrow. So there's nothing wring with this offer that you can't fix with your own two keyboard hands.

This Super Mario Bros.-Themed Amiibo Display Base Is Just Perfect

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 12:04 pm


On the offchance that you have actually been able to find enough Amiibo to put in a display, this is the way to do it. BD&A, a company known for third-party game controllers, have recreated the end-of-level scene from Super Mario Bros., and with its staggered blocks, it's able to showcase the figures quite nicely. At a $30 preorder on Amazon, it's also a lot easier to get your hands on.

Side note: isn't it lucky that Mario doesn't have a relative named Bo? "It's-a me, Bo!" would get very confusing, very quickly.

h/t Adam Pawlus

NECA Reveals Pacific Rim Giant Winged Otachi Kaiju Toy

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 8:00 am


"I'm Bat-Monster!"

...is what this thing would say if it could talk and understood pop-culture. NECA's non-flying version of this critter, most prominently seen in the movie squishing its baby out onto Ron Perlman, is already around 18 inches long, and this one looks to have a wingspan almost that wide, along with a flight stand to keep those translucent flappers in the air. The throat, tongue and tail pieces are interchangeable with the other figure, though the wings are not.

Hell, this toy is big enough that, like Perlman's Hannibal Chau, you could conceivably lose your shoe in it.

Top-Down Smackdown: The TitanTron Playset of My Childhood Dreams Finally Exists

Monday, May 18, 2015 at 4:24 pm


I always knew it could be done, but was never sure quite how. Back when Jakks Pacific had the WWE license, they made a big deal of their Titan Tron Live "technology," which allowed an entrance stage to play maybe eight different music snippets based on completing a circuit within a figure's foot. My thinking at the time was that they should create something like a Game Boy, which was like $90 then; $90, it seemed to me, was not unreasonable for a large playset that could do monochrome, rudimentary entrance videos, and sell new ones in blocks on removable cartridges every few months.

Smartphones have gone beyond what I imagined back when I was a kid painstakingly cueing up the 8-minute cassette tapes of entrance music that I got through the fan club (the only way to get such tunes back then). Now, we have a playset that utilizes them to not only play downloadable WWE videos, but also custom creations, so if a kid wants to make one that goes "DUHHHHHH! DUUHHHHH! John Cena sucks!" and has an image of him dropping a Cena action figure in the toilet, it's doable, and potentially hilarious.

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Funko's Mystery Minis for Pixar's Inside Out Reveal Insanely Marketable New Characters [SPOILER]

Monday, May 18, 2015 at 2:04 pm


Just in case you've avoided the longer trailers, the spoilers are deleted in the pic above. You all know the basic emotion characters by now, that live inside the head of one little girl.

Well, what else might be in her head? Let's see...

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Kotobukiya, Fine Purveyor of Statues, Finally Does Action Figures - Halo!

Friday, May 15, 2015 at 12:30 pm


I don't know how many times I've looked at a Kotobukiya statue and wished it were an articulated figure, but it was clearly the right number of times to make my wish come true. In their new Halo line of ARTFX+ statues (yes, they still call them that), all the armor pieces are removable and customizable over a body with what Koto calls "limited articulation," but brother, I lived through the '90s and I know "limited articulation" - that's what you call a McFarlane preposed figure that can move one arm and its neck. This body, as Figures.com demonstrates, has TEN points of articulation, some of which even look like ball joints.

The figures stand 8.5 inches tall, so they aren't in scale with most poseable figures you're likely to own. But if Koto keeps this up across its other licenses, they won't need to be.

I'd Bettany Amount That You'll Love Hot Toys' Vision Action Figure

Friday, May 15, 2015 at 10:30 am


Whatever our differing opinions of Age of Ultron, I think most people agree that Paul Bettany's Vision was a highlight, subtly paying off the party conversation earlier while combining Asgardian and Stark tech to believably create a look that approximates the comics to a point that is at least recognizable.

For Hot Toys, this is also a surprisingly no-frills figure, so it may be remotely affordable to some people who don't pay bills or whatever. His extras merely include a special flight stand, Mjolnir, and several different hands. This being Hot Toys, however, I half expected him to be packaged with both the stasis tube his body was originally in, and a not-available-separately Dr. Helen Cho, all to the tune of about $700.

Instead, he'll probably only be around $250. Are you worthy to wield him?

New ThunderCats Dynamic Diorama Statues From Kinetiquettes

Friday, May 15, 2015 at 9:30 am


As we continue to wait in what seems like utter futility for a ThunderCats action figure lineup that can play properly with the current He-Man/Masters of the Universe toys, another company has picked up the statue rights, and what they propose looks pretty cool - a series of one-versus one fight scenes that will ultimately all connect to make a large battle. Or just look good on their own, since time has taught us that ThunderCats toy line-ups don't always make it through the full roster.

Above is the design for both Lion-O vs. Mumm-Ra, and Panthro vs. S-s-slithe, which connect to form the power pool in Mumm-Ra's pyramid. These will most likely be Kickstartered, so if you want 'em, you can preorder that way.

Thanks to our friends at ThunderCats.org for the heads up - stay tuned to their site for further details...I presume. Because they're always...


...Thunder enlightening.