New Doctor Who and Sherlock Action Figures Revealed at UK Toy Fair

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm


They're still in the smaller, 3.75" scale, which is probably going to stay the norm. But on the plus side, they've made pretty much everyone you'd expect. The Skovox Blitzer, two new Claras, Caretaker Doctor, Spacesuit Doctor, Cyberman, Cyber-Danny, Rusty Dalek, the Mummy, and even a Dalek inside a Dalek-shaped spaceship.

No sign of Missy yet, though, unless I - ahem - missed her. The Sherlock figures only have packaging mockups so far, but that's a good start.

The Doctor Who Site has detailed pictures of all of it.

"My Logo on a Bootleg My Little Pony Giant Inflatable Sex Doll, You Say?"

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Hongyi Toys

If we're suppressing our gag reflex long enough to think critically, this "Inflatable Pony Sexy Girl" isn't really a great sex toy. It's one piece and thus does not have the usual orifices.

Not that such a minor complication saved poor Rainbow Dash in the jar, mind you.

But while every other outlet reporting on this unusual (you wish) item is mostly feigning shock, my eye was caught by a very particular product detail:

We can add your logo, slogan or other message
Where, dear readers, would you suggest placement of the logo should be?

No, I'm not getting a TR blow-up pony. It' hypothetical. Yep.

h/t Anyone00 in the weekend thread.

First-Ever ROXY ROCKET Batman Animated Figure Is Coming

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 9:30 am


I saw an image of this shared on twitter yesterday and figured it had to be a custom. No way Roxy Rocket was actually getting a figure, right? Especially at a higher-end price that included a vehicle?

Wrong be me. She's the first deluxe figure in DC Collectibles' 6"-scale animated line, clocking in at $39.95 suggested retail with a rocket that features working lights. The star of what Bruce Timm considered one of the most risque episodes of the animated series ever (it's likely no coincidence that when she made the leap to non-animated continuity, DC jacked up her cleavage quite a bit just because they could), this thrill-seeking stunt aviatrix is an archetype that probably does have more appeal to older collectors than kiddies.

Girls like that at least in this incarnation, she doesn't wear a cheesy, revealing outfit; boys like that she's riding a giant metal phallus half the time (her description boasts, in all caps, "ROCKET MEASURES 12.25" LONG"). Steampunkers and retro-aviation fans of all stripes probably just lost their collective shit.

Big Trouble in Little China Gets the ReAction Figure Treatment

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 11:00 am


Sometimes I think they exert more effort on making the card art than they do on the figures, but whatevs - clearly a lot of people love the vintage Kenner style toys with sculpts so soft they need not obtain actor likeness rights. Jack Burton, Gracie Law, Lo Pan and the three Storms make up series one, and each comes with accessories - Gracie's headdress is removable, Lo Pan has his eyeball creature sidekick, and the Storms have their weapons.

Let's see: we've had N2 Toys' barely articulated (and impossible to find) figures, Pop Vinyl, ReAction...I'm betting Mego-style comes next in the "let's make every kind of figure Luke DOESN'T like based on a movie he does" sequence. That or MiniMates, unless those exist already.

Hasbro Reveals New Jurassic World Toys That Probably Aren't Screen-Accurate

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 9:30 am


Unless we've really been misled, I don't think Jurassic World involves dinosaurs in bright primary colors who can be stitched together from spare parts Frankenstein-style. Although I'm pretty sure I'd like to see that movie.

In an unusual reveal at, Hasbro debuted images of their new Hero Mashers series of mix-and-match toys aimed at kids who think it's funny to dismember their figures. There are pics of comic-styled Age of Ultron characters and Star Wars Rebels Mashers, but the Jurassic World dinos stand out as being uniquely unbound by fealty to source.

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Epic Custom Lego Minecraft Castle Is Big Enough for Your Cat to Live in

Friday, January 16, 2015 at 12:30 pm


From a builder with the clever name of ZaziNombies, who appears to have quite the passion for Minecraft, comes a castle made primarily with square block to maintain the aesthetic, and multiple rooms, characters, displays and even a light-up fireplace.

Best of all, though - it doubles as a pet residence.


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Georgia Boy Born Missing an Arm Gets a Clone Trooper Replacement

Friday, January 16, 2015 at 8:00 am


Via the online networking site e-Nable, 7 year-old Liam Porter got more than he bargained for when the 501st Legion connected with the man who was 3-D printing a working Clone Trooper arm for him. Even better, because it comes with a system to slide attachments on and off, the kid can go full Trap-Jaw if he wants - although he has thus far rejected the idea of a sword, correctly noticing, as kids do, that it would have to be too rectangular to really work.

The Augusta Chronicle notes that

"because it is for a kid, that also meant having more fun with it,
"They want it to look as superhero-ish or as robotic as possible," Peterson said. "To them, it is just cool. And it actually frees us up a lot because now we can feel free to try to experiment and do different things. Like, hey, why not put a clamp on a hand? It's just a tool anyway."
To all of us, it is also cool, and that's why we advocate keeping that inner childishness alive.

I admit I have my trepidations about the "attachments" the kid will want in another ten years...

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Cliff Robertson as "Shame" From Batman '66 Is Now a Toy

Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 11:15 am


He's probably far from anybody's top ten Batman villains' list, but Cliff Robertson's Shame, an obvious parody of Shane, is getting his own 8-inch toy from Figures Toy Company. Hey, with great licenses comes a great responsibility, and getting the classic cinematic Uncle Ben into plastic, even as a DC character, is time well spent.

Or, since NECA's doing Snake Plissken in the same style and scale, you can have him be the president from Escape From L.A. If you want to remember that movie at all. No? Okay.

Mezco Will Have New Thundercats Toys at Toy Fair 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 6:07 pm


Mezco has confirmed with our friends at that they will indeed be showing new ThunderCats in New York in a few weeks. The question is what scale. Since they won't confirm any further details at this time, the obvious guess would be another of the 18-inch Mega-Scale figures, a line which still needs Tygra to round out the core members. optimistically speculates that the new 1:12 premium format line featuring Batman and Judge Dredd could get a 'Cat or two, but that strikes me as unduly hopeful for now. Would you pay $60 for a Lion-O with cloth shorts?

Dark Horse 25th Anniversary Predator Figure Replicates Original Comic Cover

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 10:00 am


Yes, like most Predator figures, this is basically a repaint, but one of the cooler ones, done in the four-color comic-book palette of the first Dark Horse Predator book. He is one beautiful son of a bitch.

As I've never seen the video-game repaint in stores, I suspect that with this guy I will indeed be doing my best Schwarzenegger voice, yelling "WHEAH AHHHHH YUUUU?" until they kick me out of Toys R Us. That happens sometimes.