Funko's Got Your Dancing Baby Groot Toy Right Here

Friday, August 22, 2014 at 2:29 pm


It doesn't actually dance; it just bobbles its cute li'l head. But that's how we all got started.

Aside from the accessory figure that comes with the insanely expensive Hot Toys Rocket & Groot, this is the only official version of Dancing Baby Groot in toy form so far. I feel pretty certain it won't be the last.

Per Marvel's Ryan Penagos, pricing and preorder information will be revealed Monday. I hear it's going to retail for $IAmGroot.99, and be available online at IAmGroot. Consider that just a rumor, though.

Smaug Alert - 22" Hobbit-Eating Dragon Figure Flies Home for Christmas

Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 5:30 pm


While there have been some issues with the action figure lines from The Hobbit movies, we can be relieved that the one figure fans are likely to want most is indeed going to be available, though he may prove almost as elusive as the Archenstone. A limited run of 3,000 individually numbered Smaug figures will be made available to those who preorder at, and given that he'll come with a mystery 1.5" bonus figure...I think we can safely say that IF said bonus figure is a Hobbit or dwarf, this Smaug will be in scale with the 3-3/4 inch figures released thus far. If not, you'll have to fake it.

Smaug has ten points of articulation, bendy wires in his wings, and multiple paint apps for a detailed color scheme. At $70 he's not super cheap, but for a figure that size in a limited run it's pretty fair. You could try to forge a black arrow and bring down a real one, but really, seventy bucks on your credit card is the safer option. If you can't manage that now, be aware that trying to find him on eBay later might just be..."the greatest adventure."

h/t Matthew Catania

Lego Joker Sings "I've Got the Whole World in My Pants"

Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 10:00 am


Technically, this is a trailer for Lego Batman 3, setting up Brainiac as the big bad and establishing that multiple worlds are involved.

But if you're a regular TR reader, trust me- skip straight to the 1:15 mark. It's better without context, much like the image above.

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Now Kaiju Can Play With Action Figures Too: 6-Foot Kenner Boba Fett Is Coming

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 5:30 pm


It's really good of Gentle Giant to consider that King Kong or Godzilla might want to play with Star Wars toys too. For a mere $2,750 - far less than the cost of property damage either one causes just by taking a step - there's now a life-sized Kenner-style Boba Fett, scanned from a vintage figure and considerably upsized.

No, the rocket doesn't fire on this one either. While the old missile might have been a choking hazard, this would be a knock-you-unconscious one.

Mattel's "Doomsday Unleashed" Action Figure Will Be Released After All

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm


He was the "tier 2" subscription incentive figure for a DC subscription that never wound up happening, and official word at the time was that he would not be made. Mattel officially just changed their tune on that.

I've seen images online (that aren't mine to use) of the figure in a window box with a piece of torn Superman cape in his claws. Now I'm thinking those were legit. Hate to think what the price will be, though - probably around $50 without a larger subscription to even out costs.

This is cause for optimism that if the Masters of the Universe subscription doesn't go through, everything shown so far will at some point get made anyway. As of now, that sub is being opened up again for one more weekend, since it didn't make the cut by the official deadline.

Again, I reiterate: I NEED SAUROD. He has not yet been sculpted. So the sub has to happen. Don't be like Skeletor and not be in the giving vein this day.

Skeletor and Skeletor Want You to Buy More Toys

Monday, August 18, 2014 at 11:30 am


Okay, so it's pretty cool that when '80s Skeletor voice Alan Oppenheimer met '00s Skeletor voice Brian Dobson, they teamed up to make a cartoon together in which their differeing interpretations meet. It'd be better still if it weren't such a blatant toy commercial, but to be honest...when have He-Man cartoons NOT been that?

Anyway, this is also a reminder that Masters of the Universe toy subscriptions for 2015 close at 11:59 p.m. tonight, and this is pretty much the last year it's likely to happen, as it's the one where they finally, really promise to crank out remakes of the remaining vintage figures. If it fails, they'll probably still sell the ones they've already revealed somehow, but notably not among those is Saurod, the reptilian bounty hunter from the Dolph Lundgren movie. And I really want Saurod. Would you deprive me of that? Of course you would - why should you care what bits of plastic I own? But subscribe anyway.

Watch Skeletors now...

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Topless Toy Chest: Sin City Marv - Bloody Comic-Con Exclusive by Diamond Select

Monday, August 18, 2014 at 10:00 am


Marv is one of those characters who, at the time of his creation, you'd never think would get his own action figure, being an alcoholic, pill-popping, whore-banging, joy-killing antihero who dies at the end of his inaugural tale. Yet at least three different companies have taken a crack at him prior to this version. McFarlane Toys did him first, in Frank Miller style and in a controversial "Death Row" variant that allowed you to throw the switch on his electric chair. NECA did movie versions, including their own take on that same chair. And while both were limited-articulation with color variants, Marvel Toys before going under did a super-poseable black-and-white Marv as part of their independent comic characters line, which was the last thing they ever did.

Now Diamond Select Toys has the movie rights - to the first movie only, though their initial three figures are characters who appear looking very similar in movie 2 also. How do they measure up? Let's see.

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17 Stories You May Have Missed: Chicken Gimp Suit, Lego Mario, Weaponized Horse Crap, More

Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:00 am

Hello Kitty in Space

SummerSlam happened this weekend (result: John Cena gets time off to make movies), as did my best friend's birthday, so it's a treat to catch up on things that happened elsewhere, about which I did not know. With the aid of Kyle LeClair, here are some reader-submitted stories we might not have caught otherwise.

This week's tipsters include: troi, Anyone00, jaganar, SlyDante777, Gallen_Dugall, Timely_Flower-Hermit, Dr.Gonzo82

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Weekend Open Thread: Friday Fun Links and VerSpanken!

Friday, August 15, 2014 at 5:30 pm


Don't forget to enter the two contests we currently have running. And read on for some Friday fun links, including stick-figure porn. Seriously.

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Funko's Book of Life Pop Vinyls Are to Die for

Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 1:00 pm


It helps that the characters in the movie are already supposed to look like wooden toys, but holy mierde do these Dia de los Muertos-inspired figures from the upcoming Guillermo del Toro production look better than anything in this style that Funko's ever done before. Calling it now - this movie will be for an entire generation of Latino kids what Nightmare Before Christmas was for pale goths who secretly loved Disney but could never admit it before.

Weird, though, that villain Xibalba basically has the same name as Sebulba from The Phantom Menace. It's pretty wizard, even.