Leonard Nimoy’s Got Extreme Back

Leonard-Nimoy.jpgIf there are no other posts today, please understand that I am totally, totally drunk, as the only mechanism for coping with the following news: Leonard Nimoy?yes, Spock, goddammit?likes the big-bottomed girls. Furthermore, he’s turned his love of bigger cushions (thanks, Spinal Tap!) into an art show?A TOURING ART SHOW?of his nude photography of…larger women.

L.A. Weekly proper has a slide-show of some of Nimoy’s pictures, along with the exhibit’s opening at the Stern Fine Arts center this past Saturday, hosted by Nimoy himself. The art, being mostly nudes, is NSFW. Warning?there are a couple of photos of thin ladies as well. And Nimoy happily tottering about his exhibit. Just so you know.

So…yeah. Nimoy. Big Butts. Art show. And now, scotch for me.