Ms. Pac-Man: The Shameful Lingerie

I…uh…yeah. Suffice to say, this surely Namco-unapproved ladies’ undergarment set was found my my brethren over at Joystick Division, and should offer a counter-point to all the reasonably dressed videogame heroines of today’s Daily List. I’m not sure which troubles me more?the blue ghost on the ladies’ hoo-hah, indicating someone’s eaten a power pellet?or the look of pure anger on Ms. Pac-Man’s face as she’s chased across the model’s bountiful chest by Pac-Man. You can order the set?called “Miss Video Game”?at, along with whorish outfits of most of your favorite ’80s cartoons.

Incidentally, I am choosing to believe that the model actually has a twin who is 25% smaller than she is, and they both posed for the photo together.