Who Ya Gonna Call? Hopefully, These Ladies (Updated)

I really think this “turn your awesomest dreams into photos” device must be real, as I’m hard-pressed to explain the number of incredibly swell photos that have fallen out of the end of the ol’ intertubes this week. I’d long daydreamed of a Slave Leia Pillow Fight, and while I don’t know who imaged over a dozen sexy Ghostbusters?who, not insignificantly, are professional NFL cheerleaders in their spare time?I’d happily send him a “thank you” card. On a related note, here’s a gallery of an all-girl WWE catfight, including Lara Croft, Princess Leia, Batwoman (either a crappy Batman or a crappy version of the new lesbian Batwoman), and several others.

Ladies, I’m very sorry to leave you hanging on this All Hallow’s Eve, but I’ve not seen any sexy-guys-in-nerdy-costumes pics. This is possibly because the Halloween industry is based almost entirely on women dressing like whorish pop cultures references, and not the other way around. Sorry about that. (Via Shutdown Corner)

Update: Link works now, fellas. Sorry for the consternation.