The Greatest Most Deceptive John Williams Tribute of All Time (Updated)

Before you hit play, you have to realize the following things about this video:
? The is the work of one man, ApprenticeA.
? He is going to sing a medly of John Williams’ movie themes.
? Although this includes E.T., Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and others, he has written lyrics solely about Star Wars for the entire four-minute song.
? He will be singing four different parts simultaneously throughout the video, thanks to the magic of video editing.
? I have no idea what possessed him to do this, but he is the awesomest nerd I’ve ever seen.
That is all. (Via Geekologie)

Update: Well, fine. I was duped. It’s a song by the a cappella group Moosebutter, which this dude simply recorded himself singing different parts of and editing. He is no longer the awesomest nerd I’ve ever seen. but a troubled youth with far too much time on his hands. It’s always a thin line between the two. Thanks for cruelly mocking my ignorance in the comments.