Peter Parker’s Newest Villain: Pornography


Well, make that two villains: pornography and Skip Wescott, the Kid Who Is Waaaaaay Too Friendly. This is from an old Spidey/Power Pack comic about the perils of…sex? Abuse? Experimenting with friends of the same gender? All of it, probably. You can see more–of the preamble, not the messy, shameful results–here. Sorry, Skip, but Peter doesn’t websling that way. If you grew up able to peep into MJ’s bedroom, you’d be saving yourself to experiment with her too.

In all seriousness, I don’t know that I’ve ever been so disturbed by a Spider-man panel. If Peter had sold Mary Jane to Mephisto to make sure this little scene never happened, I wouldn’t have blamed him in the slightest.