Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Astro Girl

No, your eyes do not deceive you — that’s a really a top-heavy girl in various Supergirl outfits, wandering about Japan amidst a plethora of horrible special effects (Shenron would fit right in here, honestly). But DC lawyers can stand down, and go back to gnawing on the carcasses of those they’ve previously destroyed, because this isn’t Supergirl…it’s Astro Girl. See the difference? (Hint: Astro Girl dresses like Supergirl but looks like Power Girl, if you catch my drift.)

(My drift is breasts. Just wanted to make that clear.)

Who is Astro Girl? Why is she in Japan? Who is she fighting? Where does she come from? Where was this shown? Why does it exist? Is this a Japanese porn movie, where the dirty bits have been cut out? Or is this just some elaborate scam so a bunch of Japanese dude can watch a stacked gaijin prance about in cosplay, and then grope her while pretending to be villains? Mysteries abound, but I’m hoping one of you Topless Roboteers can help me out. Thanks to Jay for the nip tip.