Barack Obama, Hentai Superstar

Oh yes. Barack Obama might be the president of the United states and leader of the free world, biut only now has he truly hit the big time — by appearing in a Japanese porno manga. That hentai manga is Tonari
no Taro-kun
(“My Neighbor
Taro-kun”), which stars — I shit you not — current Japanese prime minister and avowed otaku Taro Aso
, getting “hands-on” with his constituents. I’ll let my pal Gia at AnimeVice explain Obama’s appearance:

Anyway, in this issue
Taro-kun gets a new neighbor: a black neighbor who calls for change.
I’m going to call him Nisebama (“nise” from “nisemono,” fake,
and bama from, y’know, Obama). This being a porno didn’t stop the
creator from placing a mark on Nisebama’s forehead– the same kind
that you see on Buddha, interestingly; that place between the eyes is
supposed to be the place of “concealed wisdom” in Buddhist
tradition. Nice compliment!

The fake Obama does indeed gets his hands on a Japanese maid in the story, but more terrifyingly, Aso has sex with the chick on the left, who some have theorized could be Hillary Clinton. You know, I’m genuinely terrified of what’s going to happen in the comments now that you guys have this information, so I’ll just remind you all not to be horrible and hope for the best.