Le Sexoflex Present the Greatest Nerd Song Ever, the “Marriott Cock Squat (Dragon*Con Edition)”

I have no idea who Le Sexoflex are. Are they a real band? A fake band? A nerd band? No clue. I do, however, know that they are geniuses, and they are my heroes. Because they have crafted a song all about Dragon*Con, which contains the lines “Frodo Baggins / Your dick be draggin’ / All over the floor” and “My mom drove me all the way from Tuscon,” and THOSE AREN’T EVEN THE BEST LINES. This song is as filthy as it is nerdy, and it’s incredibly filthy, so if you’re stuck at work where you shouldn’t play such things, you should probably turn it up and play it anyways, because there’s no job or paycheck that’s possibly worth missing the glory of the “Marriott Cock Squat” for even a second.

I don’t ask you guys for much, but please, PLEASE — tell everyone you know about the majesty and the glory of this video. This deserves to be seen everywhere by everyone. I thank TR reader Thomas for bringing it into my life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch it several hundred more times.