For Your Viewing Pleasure: Deadliest Warrior

Guys, I’m extremely excited to tell you about what might be the greatest geek documentary show on television: Deadliest Warrior. It’s like a cross between Mythbusters and videogame fighting and the D&D weapons chart all in one. Let me let Max, a TR reader who actually  worked on the show, explain it:

The premise of the show is pitting different warriors against each other in apples-to-oranges matchups, and then go Mythbusters on all their weapons and tactics. Once we test all their gear, we run a simulation 1,000 times to see who would win. It was a blast to make the damn thing, and the rest of the science team and myself felt like we had won golden tickets to Willy Wonka’s own magic murder factory.

Don’t take Max’s word for it — watch a clip of last week’s episode “Apache Vs. Gladiator,” or better yet, watch this amazing clip to see how them test how much force a Viking great axe actually produces, as well as what it would do to a human body, as a preview of tonight’s episode, “Viking vs. Samurai.” Check out Deadliest Warrior tonight on Spike at 10 pm EST, because if you think you know a TV show with a better episode title you’re lying.