Hot Girls Have Lightsaber Strip-Fight for Your Viewing Pleasure

It’s been a rough week for me on TR. I have gotten slammed for 1) not knowing Namor was a mutant, and 2) not knowing ILM worked on the early Trek movies. I’m sure you guys think I’m a moron, which is true, but I can’t tell you how upset these two facts make me — two pillars of my childhood have just crumbled and disappeared, and I’m going to be doing a lot of crying in a fetal position before I’m better (and god help me, if it turns out that She-Ra isn’t really He-Man’s sister, do not let me know. I’m too fragile right now).

Worse, the TR comments have dropped off this week, I can only assume because of my two previously mentioned gaffes. Well, all I can do is bring out the big guns — a (fake) commercial for a Star Wars body spray which features two girls having a lighsaber duel where they cut each others’ clothes off (it was made by Adam Green, who is clearly a terrible person, and my hero). Am I forgiven? Please? Don’t make me beg… much more than I’m doing now! (Via FilmDrunk)