To Boldly F#$% What Many Men Have F#$%ed Before (and a Few Women, Too)

You know who’s excited about the Star Trek movie besides your nerdy fathers? Hustler. The titan of porn industry is already hard at work (get it? GET IT?) shooting This Ain’t Star Trek XXX, which… well, oddly, I can’t seem to find any plot summary anywhere. Weird.

Guys (and Batwomen lesbians, don’t want to forget you), don’t be too worried about the mostly male crew up above, as more than just Uhura will have her final frontier explored. The cast includes porn starlets Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Aurora Snow and Codi Carmichael; Grey appears to be playing a Vulcan:
And Fleshbot thinks Carmichael is going to play Nurse Chapel, for those concened about such things. Hustlers’ page for the film is here, although it doesn’t have any NS4W pics from the actual flick yet (although there are plenty of other naughty pics to be found with the slightest bit of digging), and Fleshbot has an utterly NS4W side-by-side of the porn stars and their Trek counterparts.

Whether you enjoy Trek, hardcore pornography or not, you can’t deny this — since Star Trek XXX is one of the even-numbered movies, it’s going to be one of the good ones. (Via I Heart Chaos)