Maybe the Haters Should Try This Other Trek Movie

Of course, I’m referring to Hustler’s This Ain’t Star Trek XXX, which adheres more closely to the original series’ uniforms and sets, but does have slightly more hardcore sexual content than the ’60s TV series (slightly). Don’t worry, the trailer above is safe for work. Frankly, I can see some of the purists enjoying this a bit more than the “mainstream” Trek movie: the guy who plays Kirk seems to be hamming it up appropriately, their seems to be a Khan character as the villain, andIi have little doubt that Kirk will appropriately bang every alien with breasts that happens to board the Enterprise. This film will be released tomorrow, both on DVD and over at the not at all safe for work Hustler Hollywood. Which, I am terrified to say, sells baby clothes along with dildos, anal beads and hardcore pornography. (Via Geekologie)