I’m Used to Going Out at 3AM and Having Sex with People for Money

Silk Spectre Nekkid.jpg

Porn star Bianca Beauchamp dresses in an extra-latex-y version of Silk Spectre II’s Watchmen movie outfit, and then undresses here — as you might imagine, it’s not safe for work. BECAUSE SHE’S NUDE. And let me save approximately 40 of you some trouble — her breasts are Not Real, and you Don’t Like Them, and You Wouldn’t Have Sex with Her if She Asked.

Ladies, please — I’m determined to make Topless Robot a nerd site for guys and gals (even though a woman has never once gone to San Diego Comic Con), but obviously, it’s easier for me to find pics of women committing sexy acts of nerdery than men. As always, if you know of any, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll post ’em. I was actually thinking of not posting this, just because I have so few sexy acts of male nerdery to bal;ance it out with. Then I thought of the article title and… well, that was that. (Via I Heart Chaos)