Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Double Feature

As per your request (and because I’m ding more posts per day) I’d like to welcome you back to Super Terrific Japanese Thing. For those of you who are new TR, it’s basically an excuse to post something odd or awesome from Japan, not that it stops me from doing other Japan or anime posts during the rest of the week. It doesn’t make much sense, admittedly. You guys can puzzle it out after I showcase not one but two Things, courtesy of the gentlemen over at Japanator.

? Samurai Underpants


These are a fad. A fashion. A rage, even. Ladies are swooning over guys who wear these traditional samurai-styled underwear, which seem cloest to boxer briefs intended for “working class males.” They sell for about $85 a pair, which is well beyond what I would think the Japanese working class could aford for underwear, but whatever.

? Ecchi Onee-San Rearing


After nine years in the anime industry, even I know how to translate the title of this Japanese cellphone game: “Perverted Sister Rearing.” Basically, you raise your “sisters” who, for reason I have no desire to understand, are physically mature but have the minds of 3-year-olds. Also, they’re robots. The player must feed and care for them — I have no doubt certain foods maximize certain “attributes” — which includes bathing them, because they’re robots with big tits programmed to act like toddlers. How much does this pervsion cost you? A mere $3. The site is here, and yes, you should feel ashamed when you visit.