Hasbro Returns to Jurassic Park, Because It’s Always Such a Great Idea


But I kid the toy-making mega-corporation. While heading back to an island filled with dinosaurs who want to eat them is a bad idea for the humans in the movies, Hasbro’s decision to make new Jurassic Park toys seems like a pretty smart bet to me. All young boys love dinosaurs — it’s in their genes, somewhere next to hating vegetables and enjoying getting dirty — so it hardly matters that there’s no new JP movie coming out. Hasbro has planned accordingly and besides making the whole line a Toys R Us exclusive, made mostly dinosaurs and just few humans, only two of which are from the movies (Sam Neill and the annoying kid from JP3, if you must know). I’m actually more excited by the generic yet brightly colored humans, like the Dino Diver above, which give this line a neat ’80s throwback/drug store bootleg-type feel. What the hell is the Dino Diver going to do, swim down a T. Rex’s throat and attack him from the inside?

16bit‘s Adam Pawlus (who is also a TR contributor, I might add) says the toys have actually been out for more than a month, although Hasbro just got around to passing out the press release yesterday. I had no idea, since I haven’t been in a Toys R Us since 2007. Anyways, if you’re interested, ToyNewsI has pics of the rest of the line here.