It’s Not You, Wolfman, It’s Me

You look fine, Wolfman remake, you really do. Your effects look nice, and while it’s weird seeing Benicio del Toro run around in period garb, overall you seem moody and fun. But… but a single Wolfman just isn’t enough for me anymore. Maybe it’s The Monster Squad‘s fault, but watching a whole movie with just a solitary Wolfman doesn’t excite me. But don’t take it personally — I wouldn’t be excited by a lonely mummy movie, or a Gill-man movie, or even a Frankenstein’s monster movie nowadays. Dracula I could probably do. But the rest? I’m just not interested enough, Wolfman. Don’t blame yourself. It’s not you. It’s me.

PS — What moron in charge of publicity dumped the first trailer for The Wolfman on the same day the Avatar trailer dropped? I wasn’t thrilled with it, but jesus, that’s a stupid decision. Someone should beat that man with hammers, fire him, and then beat him again.