Slave Leia Merchandise Trifecta: Mini-Bust, Dartboard, Figure

This is Gentle Giant’s Slave Leia mini-bust. It’s due out next May, will cost $60, and you can pre-order it here.
This is Gentle Giant’s Star Wars Dartboard, which just happens to have a big picture of Slave Leia on the front. It’s also due in May, will run you $165 (it does come with darts, if that helps it doesn’t come with darts, which sucks tremendously) and can be pre-ordered here.
And last but not least, I wanted to remind you Slave Leia enthusiasts that Hasbro’s new Slave Leia figure will be out next month on toy shelves — well, theoretically on toy shelves, and more specifically for marked up prices online. This figure is quite articulated and comes with the extra torso you see above (pic courtesy of Jedi Insider) so she can lay seductively by you. Obviously, this makes you Jabba, but best not to dwell on this. If you’re willing to purchase a whole mostly ROTJ-themed set to get her, you can do so here.