Nerdy Beauty and the Nerdy Beast

I hope your friends, family and co-workers don’t catch you looking at these. They’re technically safe for work, but trying to explain why you’re looking at them isn’t going to do anyone any good. At any rate, I’ll let you decide which is which.
fuzzy robot in disguise.jpg?
It’s part of College Humor’s chest hair art contest. I heard that someone had to rub his chest for a few seconds before the Autobot logo appeared.

And this is the world’s sexiest Star Wars tattoo, mainly because of its oh-so-close proximity to, uh… well, let’s just call it “the trench.” It was found by Great White Snark, who clearly surfs for Star Wars porn in his spare time like the rest of us, but apparently happens to be much better at it. I await your abundant, innuendo-laden Star Wars quotes in the comments.