ReBoot Gets, Uh… You Know

Eagle-eyed Topless Roboteer Rob N. found the above video which seems to indicate a ReBoot… reboot. Fact: Rainmaker Studios is apparently the new company that formed from MainFrame Entertainment, which originally made ReBoot. Item that Rob N asserts as fact: None of the original ReBoot makers are currently at Rainmaker, or working on the rebooted ReBoot (this is already getting annoying). Rob’s opinion masquerading as fact: ReBoot was 30 minutes of crappy CG, Canadian misery before new episodes of Dragonball Z aired back in Toonami’s glory days. My friends and I wept and shrieked whenever ReBoot was on, until we were rescued by the clean early ’90s animation of DBZ and its taut storytelling. However, Ms Robot loves herself some ReBoot, so I felt compelled to post this news anyways so I don’t have to sleep on the couch tonight.