Return of the Sword That Shoots Swords?

Do you remember the cheesy ’80s fantasy flick Sword and the Sorcerer? If you do, it’s almost certainly entirely because of this scene:

Yes, the hero Prince Talon has a sword which shoot swords (and if you don’t remember Sword and the Sorcerer, that clip contains pretty much everything you need to know). Now, I hope you’re sitting down, because I’ve got news that shoot a sword right through your goddamn brain (metaphorically speaking):

? Someone’s making an official Sword and the Sorcerer sequel.
? That someone is the film’s original director, Albert Pyun.
? The film stars Kevin Fucking Sorbo.

I can’t even stand how amazing this is. The film is called Tales from an Ancient Empire, and Sorbo stars as the son of Prince Talon himself — a gruff mercenary whose princess half-sister needs his begrudging help. Watch this clip and tell me it’s not a cheesey ’80s barbarian flick right to its core:

Stilted “medieval” dialogue? Horrible acting? Actors who look utterly out of place in a fantasy context? FUCK AND YES. If Sorbo has the sword that shoot swords, I think we have an Oscar contender here, people. (Via Twitch)