Bustin’ Makes Sigourney Weaver Say Insane Things about Ghostbusters 3

While doing the press tour for Avatar in England, Sigourney Weaver was interviewed by Channel 4, who managed to ask her about Ghostbusters 3. Her answers are… very odd. And if they’re true, they are chock full of massive spoilers, so by no means watch the interview video below, or read any further, because I’m going to talk about them after the video.

In summary, what Weaver says:
? Ghostbusters 3 is happening
? She’ll have a small role in it
? Her kid from Ghostbusters 2 will have a role in it, and may be a Ghostbuster himself
? Bill Murray may actually be a ghost.

Unfortunately, some sites are already leaving out the “may be” from that last “spoiler,” so I felt the need to address it as soon as possible. It is possible? I say, yes, but it’s neither plausible nor probable. First of all, Ghostbuster ghosts don’t look like people and they don’t have lines — asking Bill Murray to be a ghost would effectively be like not having him in the film, which wouldn’t sell tickets, and which Ramis and Aykroyd know and certainly dodn’t want. Second, there have been eight million Ghostbusters 3 scripts, and goodness only knows which one Sigorney Weaver was handed last. Hell, she may still have the Ghostbusters in Hell script from the early ’90s — and remember, Bill Murray as of a couple months ago said he hadn’t seen a final script. And last but certainly not least, watch the video again — I think Weaver could have been joking anyways. So nobody panic. Including the several jillion people who sent me this tip. (Via Coming Soon)