People Still Really Really Hate The Phantom Menace

A decade after it first hit theaters, Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace is still causing people to lose their shit. The above clip is the first part of a jaw-dropping NSFW 70-minute review of the flick from Milwaukee-based videographer/editor/critic Mike Stoklasa. In a deadpan voiceover that sounds like a cross between Futurama‘s Dr. Zoidberg and the “Kissel” character from The Jerky Boys’ prank phone calls, Stoklasa systematically rips apart Menace’s numerous flaws through smart criticism that makes us realize how great At the Movies would have been if Siskel and Ebert were allowed to drop F bombs. You may think that you’ve heard every possible critique of the film’s wooden acting and plot holes, but never before have they been so accurately — and hilariously — dissected. (A favorite moment is when he sums up every problem with Jar Jar by dismissing him as “a cartoon rabbit”). The remaining six parts can be viewed on YouTube. Here’s hoping that “Jorge” Lucas checks them out so he can get an understanding of the trauma that the film continues to inflict upon viewers. (Via /Film)