Public Nudity, The Final Frontier


?WARNING. THE PICTURE AFTER THE JUMP IS TOTALLY NSFW. It involves naked ladies and men in a state of nudity — nerdy nudity, to be sure, but nudity nonetheless. A penis can be seen, so if you can’t handle that, please go to one of the kajillion other websites where you can see naked ladies without naked men.


?I don’t know where the blog Dinner in the Darkroom found this picture of body-painted Trekkies, but I do know that Great White Snark brought it to my attention, because he is a filthy pervert. I also don’t know why these guys and gals decided to paint Starfleet uniforms on their bodies and then stroll out in the nude, but bravo to them for doing it. As such, I don’t think there’s any call for specific negative comments about their bodies or looks, although I’d also be fine if you didn’t tell me how much you’d like to “tap” any of them. General comments of horror or lust will be fine.