Star Wars: A Nude Hope

yoda tequila 3.jpg

?Shockingly, this is not FFF. It appears that a group of concerned Star Wars fans, after seeing the oh-so-NSFW pics of the body-painted Star Trek cyclists, decided to take matters onto their own nipples and photograph themselves in Star Wars-inspired body paint (actually, it’s just some photographer who shot chicks in SW-body paint, lord know when). As tequila-infused Yoda implies, the pic on the next page is NSFW.


?Gizmodo has more pics of other girls in other Star Wars outfits/states of nude nerdery, but alas, women and gay men, there are no black-painted Sith wangs; the men are in actual clothes. Just the ladies. I know, it’s not fair. But this is a universe where even the heroic Rebel Alliance wouldn’t give a medal to a wookiee. What did you expect?