Roxxxy the Sex-Bot, in Action

No, not like that, thank goodness. But now there’s a video of someone — assumably World’s Creepiest Friend Doublas Hines — discussing Roxxxy’s benefits at the Adult Entertainment Expo. Now, a lot of you defended Roxxxy yesterday, pointing out that she could offer companionship to people who genuinely can’t function in society and are desperately lonely; it’s a noble thought, and indeed, Hines says himself in the video (before someone dubs over it and makes fun of the thing) that it’s the companionship that’s is Roxxxy’s greatest asset, which is why she has five distinct personalities for the desperately lonely to choose from.

Unfortunately, this is bullshit. Seriously, guys, I wish you were right and Hines was telling the truth, but please:
? Roxxxy has been designed with three functional orifices. These are not needed
? Two of her five “personalities” include “S&M Susan” and “Young.”
? In fact, all the “personalities” are based on sex. Also, “Young” is not a personality.
? She’s showing off the Adult Entertainment Expo, not CES, a robotics conference, or the World Personality Symposium 
? This quote from Hines, which still makes me shudder with disgust:

“She can’t vacuum, she can’t cook but she can do almost anything
else if you know what I mean.”

So… yeah. It was a noble thought. But Roxxxy is for humping, not for helping. Sorry.