He-Man Returns to Toys R Us (With Superman’s Help)


?In the pile of exclusive Mattel/DC toy news, my buddies buddy at ToyFare also revealed the welcome announcment that He-Man was heading to Toys R Us as an exclusive — specifically, as a two-pack with a DCUC Superman, and featuring the above comic. As a MOTU nerd, you’re probably not surprised to hear that I’m happy that MOTU is gaining ground, but I’d much rather it be as by iits lonesome than with DC toys I don’t want (although I’ll probably but it just for the comic, since any comic where Superman is afraid He-Man is going to kill him sounds like the awesomest thing ever to me). Right now, we knopw that He-Man will have a glowing yellow power sword to set him apart from the Matty Collector releases, and that there’ll be another DC/MOTU 2-pack with Skeletor and an unknown DC figure. Oh, this power sword is two-edged! (Via Poe Ghostal)