Holy Graphic Penetration, Batman!

First of all, let me assure you the above video is safe for work, despite being a trailer for Vivid Entertainment’s upcoming Batman XXX porn parody. As you’ll be able to tell from the video, it will be modeled after the ’60s show, which makes sense since most of the villains had gangs of hot ’60s chicks as underlings, and otherwise, Batman’s rogues gallery is pretty much a sausage fest. Good choice, pornographers! Also of note is the fact that since DC/Warner Bros. has the Bat-logo copyrighted, the Bat-stud of the film will have a big “XXX” on his uniform’s chest instead.

Now, I’m obviously concerned about the iconic ’60s sound effects being used in this movie — the “SPLAT!” with the liquid flying off the letters seems a horrifying indicator of how they might be used when, er, someone’s sliding down the the ol’ Bat-pole. But on the other hand, I am grimly curious about what “Holy” things the Boy Wonder will be shouting… as well as all the marvelous Bat-devices Batman might pull put of his utility belt. I await your suggestions for both in the comments. Thanks to Michael D. for the tip (so to speak). (Via Bleeding Cool)