Kirsten Dunst Visits on Akihabara on a Visit of Obnoxiousness (NSFW)

Warning: This video contains a few shots of pictures of bare anime breasts, so I didn’t want anyone to get fired or chastised for watching it before I could mention the NSFW. I would also like to warn you that this video sucks shit and I hate it and everyone involved. What the fuck is it for? Why is borderline terrible actress Dunst wandering around Akihabara in a shitty blue wig? Why is she singing “Turning Japanese”? Why is noted ass-licker McG directing this shit? What the fuck is noted artist/pervert Takashi Murakami doing with any of these fuckers?

You know, on Twitter, we were talking about how much I loathe when anyone does an anime article and uses “turning Japanese” as part of the headline. It’s just the laziest shit possible, which is why shitty newspapers use it constantly whenever they decide to run the eternal “HOLY FUCKBUCKETS CARTOONS MIGHT NOT JUST BE FOR KIDS ANY MORE HYUK HYUK!” story (the comic book equivalent is “POW! BANG!” and so forth). And now, McG and Dunst, in 20-fucking-10, have made the music video equivalent of small-town, Midwestern newspapers first hearing about Dragonball Z for the first time. I swear to god I want to beat them all to death with hammers. FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCKGOPHERS.