Our Star Blazers…Slot Machines?

Yamato Slot Machines.jpg

?Today is President’s Day, a holiday when Americans can reflect upon the sacrifices that our leaders have made throughout the years to ensure that we continue to enjoy our way of life. In celebration of this occasion, Topless Robot is celebrating freedom by allowing you to ogle Japanese women dressed up as the crew of the Yamato from Star Blazers.

You’re welcome.

Now that the sexist objectifcation of women portion of this post is over, there’s actually a reason for the picture other than the inducing of dirty thoughts. It was taken at a recent event held by Namco Bandi/Yamasa to promote the release of their Uchu Senkan Yamato pachislot machines (which combine the magic of panchinko with the fun of traditional slots). Here’s a trailer for the game. It’s in Japanese and without subtitles, but you’ll get the idea. :

Despite the language barrier, that looks like an impressive way to kill some time and get rid of some loose change. Unless you are a compulsive gambler and an anime freak, in which case it’s your worst nightmare. (Via Kotaku)